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Joseph Goebbels
George Walker

Most Evil Presidents Most Evil Serial Killers

Some people are inherently good. Others are inherently evil. The judgment of good or evil can be made by a study of the life they live, the actions they take, and the things they say. Or better yet, a bunch of people on the Internet can vote on just how good or how evil they are! That’s just what is all about. Rank each of our nominees as to how good or evil they are and instantly see how they stack up.

You don't need any account to vote on, all you need is the ability to click a mouse button and be brutally judgemental to complete strangers. Once a nominee has received at least ten votes (which happens rather quickly), they become elligable for the Most Evil and Most Good lists, which you can see on the right side of each page of

And if you take the extra time to register an account (free) at Evilscale, you will be able to submit new people to vote on.

No new nominee for today.

On Hillary Rodham ...
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By Hunter on 12/8/2012
On Harry S. ...
EVIL! Mass murderer, war criminal. One of the most evil men in history. I am tired of all the lies and hypocrisy that surrounds this evil man.
By GUEST on 12/7/2012
On Zachary Taylor ...
He was not a evil man, he was a general that followed commands in wars. He is the person behind the comprimise of 1850. Pretty good if you ask me, that's peace. And he is my 7 great uncle.
By president taylors nephew on 12/5/2012
On Hillary Rodham ...
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By Wppmwuhk on 11/30/2012
On Hillary Rodham ...
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By Eixibnce on 11/30/2012
On Hillary Rodham ...
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By Koeypuxz on 11/30/2012
On Hillary Rodham ...
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By Evelyn on 11/21/2012
On Dr Josef ...
crazy nazi doctor
By @ on 11/20/2012
On Dr Josef ...
nice teeth lol
By # on 11/20/2012
On Born in ...
supervillian? lol
By lol on 11/20/2012

Joseph Goebbels
Karl Marx
Ann Coulter
Juan Domingo
Major Nidal
Nadya Suleman
Oswald Mosley
Derek Smart
Charles Whitman
Bernard Madoff
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Manfred von
Hermann Goring
Slobodan Milosevic
Winston Churchill
Reinhard Heydrich
Roland Burris
Rod Blagojevich
Lavrentiy Beria
William Penn
Youree Dell
Charles Starkweather
Benedict Arnold
Aaron Burr
Mavis Beacon
Isaac Asimov
James Gordon
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Beyonce Knowles,
Issei Sagawa

Dennis Rader

1 Joseph Goebbels
2 Cameron Hooker
3 Ed Gein
4 Issei Sagawa
5 John Muhammad
6 Lavrentiy Beria
7 Ian Brady
8 Robert Pickton
9 Reinhard Heydrich
10 Imad Fayez
Top 100 Evil

1 Ralph Waldo
2 Apples are
3 Flipper is
4 Jesus Christ
5 Duffman is
6 Robert E.
7 Dr. Martin
8 Canada was
9 Johnny Cash
10 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Top 100 Good

1 Smooth Operator
2 Web Girls Online
3 Live Webcam Sex
4 Who'd You Bang?
7 Thee Church Ov MOO
8 Free Sex Webcams
9 NSFW News
10 Mental Dimensions
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